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What is a Traditional Diet

People that enjoy a traditionally-based diet are healthier, more active and happier than their modern-diet counterparts.

Incorporate raw, unaltered proteins from meats, seafoods, and raw dairy

Milk Products

Eat whole, naturally produced milk products

Consume foods naturally rich in body-building nutrients

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables


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Identifying the Relationship Between Epigenetics and Traditional Diet with Cate Shanahan MD

Cate Shanahan, MD, discusses Identifying the Relationship Between Epigenetics and Traditional Diet.

Epigenetics and Traditional Diet with Cate Shanahan MD

Health Products

Beyond Broccoli: Creating A Biologically Balanced Diet

Susan Schenck, LAc This book addresses the following topics:  Vegetarian myths Why human brains have shrunk 11% in the last 11,000 years The...
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What are the Benefits of the Price-Pottenger Lifestyle?

A diet of real food that satiates is easy to stick to and will prevent disease, promote longevity and energy, and keep you performing at your best.

Terry Hall

I have tried to get a handle on my health for over 7 years. I face health struggles due to toxins exposure, dental work, and poor eating habits. I have done much research on nutrition but there are so many resources that simply do not have the research to back up their health claims. After stumbling upon you, I have totally turned my health around.

Scott Peters

I was a strict vegetarian, on a well-known healing program for 2 1/2 years, and it almost killed me.  I was advised by doctors to add more protein to my diet.  The following 2 years I started eating cooked chicken and fish.  Eleven months ago I began eating plenty of "raw protein" including beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, raw butter and cream.  Currently, I feel more energetic, I have increased flexibility and range of motion, and need only 6 hours of sleep. 


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