Why Traditional Diet


Traditional diets are the key to preventing chronic illnesses, physical degeneration, and excess weight. 

Why Traditional Diet
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Better Health Through a Traditional Diet
Prevent Disease
Preventing Chronic and Degenerative Disease

Traditional diets are non-inflammatory and prevent disease from developing in the body. 

healthy offspring
Healthy Offspring

Nutrient-dense foods build strong parents and happy, healthy offspring. 

Energy & Vitality
Energy and Vitality

Traditional diets included healthy saturated fats which prevent the energy dips and lethargy commonly associated with modern diets. 

Stephanie G

I grew up as a picky eater with poor eating habits, refusing to touch a vegetable until I was in my 20s! While I was a competitive athlete, and very active, I struggled with depression, brain fog, and fatigue, starting in my teens and gradually worsening through and after college. I never made the connection that this had anything to do with the food I ate. After struggling with various diets over the years, I was exposed to traditional diets. I gradually cut out all processed foods, expanded my palate, and learned how to prepare and cook my food (even vegetables!) in a way that I now crave them. I couldn't believe how much this impacted the way I felt. 

Miranda Weathers

A traditional foods diet has helped me become more aware of all the care and culture that goes into our food. I appreciate real food more, I understand more about nature and human health, and I have more control over what goes into my body and how it affects me long-term. And that applies not only to myself, but my family as well.

What Should I Eat?
What is Traditional Diet

When you hear somebody say “traditional diet” this is what it means.

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