Healing Pain And Injury

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Maud Nernam

Renowned osteopathic physician Dr. Maud Nerman demonstrates the connection between symptoms including unexplained headaches, anxiety, back or neck pain, weight gain, low sex drive, constant fatigue, asthma, chronic pain or memory loss and the body’s inability to recover after injury or trauma. This book identifies three key steps to regain health after injury or trauma:

  • Removing injury shock
  • Restoring motion
  • Controlling inflammation

Based on over 30 years of successful treatment of patients with seemingly intractable conditions, Dr. Nerman’s innovative approach enables readers to harness their body’s remarkable healing ability to reclaim health and control of their lives.

When you experience injury or illness, your body is your greatest ally, which constantly works to restore balance and health. Sometimes, however, it needs the right kind of help. Dr. Maud Nerman provides a revolutionary approach to understand and treat pain and injury. Abandoning the view that the patient is a collection of symptoms to be dissected, she illustrates how challenges in one area or system of the body can impact a distant system or structure. Using personal testimonials from patients, three decades of experience, the healing tradition of osteopathic medicine and recent scientific discoveries, Dr. Nernam explains why the body’s interconnectedness can support recovery and how to understand clues it provides.

The way we heal from injury is also critical as the body makes every effort to recover. However, if healing is delayed, interrupted or incomplete, chronic illness can result. Dr. Nerman shares insight into processes that create chronic illness: how they develop, what makes them persist and how to reverse them - even months or years later. Discover how the body heals itself and offers a multitude of ways to empower you to take control of your healing journey.

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