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Modern American dietary guidelines tout fruit as an excellent source of nutrients and a food item one should eat regularly. But is high fruit consumption actually good for you?

Is High Fruit Consumption Actually Good for You?

Stevia written on chalkboard

Three Types of Sweeteners, Part III: Use These

Spoonfuls of Sweetener

Three Types of Sweeteners, Part II: Rethink These

artificial sweeteners

Three Types of Sweeteners, Part I: Avoid These

Different Kinds of Quinoa

Grains & Grain Alternatives

If your fish looks like this, it's been overcooked, over processed, and there may be farmed rather than wild caught.

Which Fish is Best?

Questions from the PPNF Community

Questions from the PPNF Community


Jonny Bowden 150 healthiest foods earth nutrients real food vegetables legumes meat poultry
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The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth

hip fracture vitamin D deficiency nutrition University Pennsylvania School Medicine menopausal women blood level bone aging
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Vitamin D Deficiency and Hip Fractures

beta carotene carotenoid plant-based animal food pastured eye skin immune system wild pre-formed liver convert conversion antioxidant
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What is the Difference Between Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene

salmon red meat health fat Omega 3 farmed wild caught cholesterol grassfed feedlot heart disease conjugated linoleic acid factory farm
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Salmon and Red Meat

milk Dr. Marion Francis Pottenger Jr., MD suckling oxygen drained sinuses dental symmetry occulsion homogenization processed milk cat pasteurization rejection muscles development neck
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Milk: The Importance of Its Source

superfood cultured fermented sauerkraut Ann Wigmore salt bacteria lacto-ferment mold fungus yeast science salsa Lactobacillus yogurt Weston A. Price nutrition dairy fruit vegetable sour cream Bifidus
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Taking the Mystery Out of Culturing Your Own Superfoods

pomegranate juice apple concord grape UCLA Israel Journal Agriculture Food Chemistry antioxidant content dark colors
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Top Antioxidant Juices


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