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Healthy Living Tips
Healthy Living Tips

Thousands of articles, recipes, and book reviews – timeless, traditional wisdom that will help you live a better life today 

Exclusive Health Courses
Exclusive Health courses

Regularly updated audio and video courses to keep you healthy.

Discount - Online Courses
Discount - Online Courses

Save up to 25% on our online health courses.

Ask Price-Pottenger
Ask Price-Pottenger

Have a health question? Submit it and we’ll guide you with our research-backed answers.

Health Expert Interviews
Health Expert Interviews

Videos with healthcare experts on topics that affect your daily life.

Access to the Journal of Health and Healing
Access to the Journal of Health and Healing

Insights on nutrition, food prep, natural healing and more in the Price-Pottenger journals. 

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Member Testimonials
Carolyn Budd, MA

Price-Pottenger gave me the tools I needed to begin a well-being journey: to support loved ones facing health challenges and improve my own health in the process.  The people, classes and website provide both resources and community.  I even found my holistic dentist through Price-Pottenger. 

Francesca Orlando, NTP, CGP, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Price-Pottenger has been instrumental in my work as a nutritionist. I have been taking their classes for 8 years now. All the courses offered are based on cutting-edge research and they aim to help the public obtain vibrant health through traditional foods and a natural approach. For years, Price-Pottenger has been a wonderful tool to our community, and I recommend their classes to all my clients.


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