The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough: A Revolutionary Approach to Treating Type 2 Diabetes

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Frank Shallenberger, MD. 

The conventional concept and treatments do not address several vital issues: , what causes insulin resistance, how to correct insulin resistance, and how the pancreas can be protected from free-radical damage that occurs with insulin resistance. Genetics has a role in type-2 diabetes, but only when accompanied by decreased energy production. As long as optimal energy production and fat metabolism is present, there will be no type-2 diabetes. This book focuses on the two core processes that cause diabetes.

There are eight lifestyle change steps that work together to increase energy production by increasing oxygen metabolism, and to shift energy production away from glucose metabolism and toward fat metabolism.

  • Diet: nutrition is at the core of this treatment protocol, but not the conventional dietary guidelines for diabetes that Dr. Shallenberger believes have maintained the disease instead of preventing or halting it. He identifies carbohydrates to shun, fats that increase energy, good protein and good fiber.
  • Supplements: these are critical for energy production and optimal fat metabolism. He lists supplements that increase fat metabolism, insulin sensitivity, liver function and adrenal function, and those that improve and increase sleep.
  • Exercise: but not just any exercise. He recommends specific exercises and warns against over-exercising.
  • Support the liver: he describes how to diagnose sub-optimal liver function and what to do about it.
  • Sleep: adequate sleep is essential. He explains how much and how to be sure you get it.
  • Reduce stress: stress is a major factor leading to diabetes. He outlines how and why stress is particularly harmful for diabetes, and provides tips for mitigating it. 
  • Correct hormone imbalance: deficiencies are not the only challenge to be aware of; excess of particular hormones can also cause diabetes. He explains how thyroid hormone, adrenal hormones, sex hormones and human growth hormone are critical for optimal control of diabetes.
  • Oxidative medicine: this is like “exercise in a bottle.” He describes how it is especially helpful for diabetes prevention and treatment.

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Softcover, 229 pages.

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