Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition

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In this presentation of Dr. Pottenger's classical experiements, we learn about more than 900 cats studied over a period of 10 years. His findings conclude that only diets consisting of raw milk and raw meat produced optimal health: gentle dispositions, sound bone structure and density, wide palates that were able to accommodate teeth, a lack of parasites and disease, shiny fur and the absence of reproductive disorders.

He observed the following changes in the cats' physical as well as mental well-being on the changed diet: arthritis, behavioral characteristics, sterility, skin disorders, allergies, hypothyroidism, skeletal deformities and allergies became apparent and were linked to the consumption of cooked foods. Cats displayed severe personality alterations not unlike degenerative diseases noted in human medicine.

These findings reflect similar observations made by Dr. Weston A. Price who studied traditional groups who had abandoned their traditional diets. By the fourth generation, the cats died out. Dr. Pottenger's studies tell a definitive story of how processing and heat can damage both food and the health of those consuming it.


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Softcover, 123 pages