Our Toxic World: A Wakeup Call

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Doris J. Rapp, MD

This book was written to increase your awareness about the potentially tragic, harmful effects of the many chemicals to which we are all exposed on a daily basis. Scientific proof is presented to illustrate the frightening changes that chemicals consistently appear to cause in many forms of wildlife. Evidence also shows how similar symptoms are increasingly apparent in humans.

This book provides discussion to let you learn when and where you were exposed and the many different ways chemicals that can affect you and your loved ones. Discover how to document suspicions about possible harmful exposures, relieve present symptoms, and implement changes that work. This information can enable you and your doctor, as a team, to prevent future medical problems. 

This book will empower you to recognize practical sensible answers to resolve health challenges, some of which are are inexpensive, easy and effective. Prevention and avoidance are the key. With a few simple changes, detoxification or the elimination of chemicals from your body and surroundings can turn your life around and make your well-being more secure. Your present and future health, as well as that of animals and plants, and even the planet are at risk. 

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Softcover, 510 pages.