One Man Alone: An Investigation Of Nutrition Cancer And William Donald Kelley

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Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD.

Dr. Gonzalez completed this comprehensive analysis of Dr. Kelley’s approach in 1986 as partial fulfillment of his immunology fellowship under the direction of Robert A. Good, PhD, MD, founder of “Modern Immunology.”

Although never previously published, this monograph has generated interest in the alternative and conventional medical world for over two decades. This book documents Dr. Gonzalez’s five year evaluation of hundreds of Dr. Kelley’s patients,  and illustrates the value of Dr. Kelley’s nutritional-enzyme program.

Includes 50 representative case histories of patients diagnosed with a variety of poor prognosis or terminal cancer, and who fluorished under Dr. Kelley’s care.

Learn about the natural cancer treatment and Dr. Kelley’s success.

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Softcover, 494 pages.

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