Natural Nutrition for Cats:The Path to Purr-fect Health

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Kymythy R  Schultze, CN, CNC.

Cats rule and dogs drool! That’s right: cats have surpassed dogs as America’s favorite animal companions. If you share your heart and home with a cat, then you’ve been drawn to Natural Nutrition for Cats because you’re ready for the revolutionary material within these pages.

Kymythy R Schultze’s wildly popular species-appropriate diet for cats has already improved the lives of thousands of feline friends and is endorsed by veterinarians worldwide. In this comprehensive and easy-to-understand work, Kymythy exposes the pitfalls of the pet-food industry and shares her extensive knowledge of proper nutrition which can allow your cat a long, healthy and happy life. A must-read for all cat lovers! Also includes important information on alternative and holistic veterinary associations.


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Softcover, 194 pages. 

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