Detoxify or Die

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Sherry A. Rogers, MD 

Accumlated toxins are at the root of most disease. Plastics in food and beverage packaging leach into products we consume. Once inside our bodies these substances damage hormone receptors, leading to inability to lose weight, loss of sex drive and energy, or cancers of the prostate, breast and thyroid.

Cadmium accumulation from seafood, dental work or auto and incinerator exhausts can trigger osteoporosis, back pain, high blood pressure, hip pain, arthritis, kidney disease, chronic fatigue, cancer or damage vision. Arsenic from cigarettes, pesticides, paints and porcelain dental work can produce mysteriously painful burning skin, bloody colitis, or heart disease with arrhythmia or congestive heart failure, weakness or paralysis, anemia or cancers.

Mercury can trigger depression, neuropathy, ALS, MS, chronic fatigue, thyroiditis or leukemia. Learn how to find the underlying cause and resolve with the one proven way to reverse disease and slow down aging.

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Softcover, 409 pages.