The Cholesterol Hoax

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Sherry A. Rogers, MD.

The hidden dangers of high-cholesterol prescription medications extend far beyond depression, heart disease, cancer, impotency, brain loss, nerve damage, kidney and liver death, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, suicide or painful death by rhabdomyolysis. These substances deplete your body of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids necessary to slow aging and stave off heart disease.

Cholesterol is not the cause of arteriosclerosis and is not dangerous until oxidized, which is easily prevented without the use of drugs. Cholesterol is absolutely essential to prevent conditions such as Alzheimer’s, as well as crucial in keeping the body cancer free, building stress and sex hormones, making bile for digestion and detoxification and protecting the body against aging and depression.

Cholesterol is not the main cause of heart attacks. In fact, half of those who have experienced heart attack never had high cholesterol. These individuals did, however, have a normal or low ”good cholesterol” or HDL. For well being, cholesterol levels actually need to be much higher than medical authorities have informed their patients. Other parameters exist such as elevated C-Reactive Protein, fibrinogen, homocysteine and others which pose more serious risk factors than high cholesterol. Due to the fact that one brand of cholesterol drug alone brings in over $10 billion a year (more than five times the FDA annual budget), cholesterol levels are emphasized in clinical settings. You will learn why you can ignore advice that cholesterol-lowering drugs are needed, even if you don’t have high cholesterol, to protect against heart disease.

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Softcover, 418 pages.