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An Interview With Pat Connolly, PPNF Curator, Part I

Part I is on diet and nutrition: philosophy, suggestions for individual foods, and helpful - and tasty - cooking ideas. "My mother always emphasized raw foods. Of course, my husband, Joe Connolly (a holistic dentist), was also the major influence. Another person with a major influence was Alfreda...
nina planck saturated fat chicken beef tallow lard butter olive oil palm oil coconut oil polyunsaturated fat cooking heart disease health nutrition stearic acid artery clogging cholesterol
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Some Surprising Facts About Saturated Fats

Quite apart from energy requirements (calories), fats are necessary for proper nutrition. Fats are used to make cell membranes, to build brain tissue, and to insulate the body. Fats contain the important fat-soluble vitamins A and D. Certain fats, such as the omega-3 fats in fish, are essential in...
Beef Stroganoff
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Recipe: Chris' Homemade Beef Stroganoff

In this simple recipe, steak, onions and mushrooms are sauteed in a pan with butter and beef stock, and served over brown rice. Try vegetables on the side. See other delicious PPNF recipes online!
Rantha's rice pudding coconut pistachios white rasins cardamom cloves cinnamon nutmeg clovesnuts almonds cashews ghee butter maple syrup honey recipe food preparation dessert
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Recipe: Rathna's Rice Pudding

Try this special recipe for rice pudding using brown rice, and your choice of raw pistachios, almonds, cashews, fresh coconut, white raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, milk,  honey, and ghee or butter. Try other delicious and nutritious PPNF recipes online!
Almond Crusted Salmon
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Recipe: Almond Crusted Salmon

Current research on omega-3 fatty acids has brought new appreciation for one of the most delicious fish that our oceans and rivers provide - salmon. Salmon is, of course, a good source of 18-carbon omega-3 linolenic acid, which helps protect us against heart disease and autoimmune disorders. Salmon...
thyroid gland metabolism immunity thyroid storm low-fat diet cancer heart disease infection energy fish oil Vitamin A cholesterol carnitine TSH basal temperature
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Thyroid and Health: A Fresh Perspective on the Consequences of Low Thyroid Function

An estimated eight million Americans today are being treated for thyroid problems; some researchers believe that thyroid insufficiency occurs in at least 50% of the US population. An underactive thyroid can have truly serious consequences, such as susceptibility to infection, cancer and heart...
dairy new zealand grass grazing X-factor silage agriculture farming grassfed cattle
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Recollections of a New Zealand Dairy Man

New Zealand has long been recognized as a forerunner in animal husbandry, and with good reason. New Zealand dairy products have historically been prized for their quality. New Zealand butter has a natural yellow color all year-long. Beef cattle are grass-fed to maturity
buttermilk pancakes pima eggs butter whole wheat spelt flour breakfast recipe food preparation Nourishing Traditions Sally Fallon Morell
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Recipe: Pancakes

Try these pancakes from Sally Fallon Morell's Nourishing Traditions featuring freshly ground spelt or whole wheat flour, buttermilk or pima milk with whey or yoguhrt, eggs and butter. Check out other PPNF recipes online!
Whipped Almond Butter
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Recipe: Whipped Almond Butter

In this recipe for natural whipped almond butter, you'll use a pound of lightly salted butter, almond extract and toasted, sliced almonds. Check out other helpful and nourishing recipes on the PPNF web site!


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