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Seasonal Variations In Butter-Fat Vitamins and Their Relation to Seasonal Morbidity, Including Dental Caries and Disturbed Calcification

The Journal of The American Dental Association Volume XVII Pages 850 - 873 May 1930
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Butter Vitamin E and the X Factor of Doctor Price

Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research
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Speech Milk Butter Pesticides Herbicides

Speech Oklahoma City 1949
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Why Is Oleomargarine Inferior to Butter

Author: Lee, Royal Citation: Lee Foundation
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Human Diet Series What do Traditional Peoples Really Eat? Americans Then and Now

Research on the current plague of heart disease and cancer has focused on dietary fats. Modern diet gurus assert that the American diet has become "richer" during the middle decades of the 20th century. ". . . we have gradually increased our intake of butter, milk, other dairy products and eggs....
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Human Diet Series What do Traditional Peoples Really Eat? Merrie Olde England

Animal foods of every description; various sorts of puddings; seafood for fast days; dairy products; soups formed the mainstay of peasant diet; grains: rye, barley and oats, made into coarse gruels or cakes. Wheat was used for bread-making. White bread made from refined flour was available since...
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Vitamin A Vagary

"Eat carrots for vitamin A." Such statements, found in many popular diet and nutrition books, create the impression that the body's requirements for this essential nutrient can be exclusively met with plant foods like carrots, squash, green leafy vegetables and orange colored fruits. The low-fat...
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Butter vs Fat Substitutes

/*-->*/   Health and Healing Wisdom Journal Article  © Copyright Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®  All Rights Reserved Worldwide    Butter Versus Fat Substitutes  From Consumer Nutrition Institute  Winter 1998: Volume 22 #4    [“Health Vectors”]  Changes in consumer habits...
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Is It Time for an Oil Change?

The production of margarine was the result of a food shortage. During World War II, butter was scarce. Chemists experimented to find an alternative. They found that liquid vegetable oils could be turned into solid fat through a process known as hydrogenation. During this process, hydrogen gas is...
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Butter, Vitamin E and the "X" Factor of Dr. Price

The special nutritional factors present in butter as known up to 1942 are without question. It was shown that butter has the following characteristics of superiority over other fats and oleomargarine imitations:


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