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Is Your Child a "Third Generation Cat"

cat health diet allergies irritability miscarriage cooked meat milk reproduction dental decay Dr. Weston A. Price degenerationDr. Francis Marion Pottenger, Jr., MD bones

By Shirley S. Lorenzani, PhD [Ed. Note: This article is from the Winter PPNF Journal Vol. 12, #4 (1988).  We include it here in recognition of the new edition of “Pottenger’s Cats.”  See details on page 13] © PPNF.  Photo from “Pottenger’s Cats,” available from PPNF What do kittens, Peruvian Indians, and glandular imbalances have in common? And what do they have to do with your child’s health? Keep reading. Let’s begin with kittens. In 1932, a medical doctor named Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., began controlled studies using cats as the experimental animals. He fed one group of cats a diet that...

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