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Seed Cereal

seed cereal chia flax hemp berries chopped fruit bananas necatarines almond milk raw walnut pecan almond pumpkin seed

By Kelly Brogan, MD Serves 1 Ingredients ¼ cup raw nuts and/or seeds of your choice (such as walnuts, pecans, slivered almonds, and pumpkin seeds) 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1 tablespoon flax seeds 1 tablespoon hemp seeds (optional) ½ to 1 cup whole berries or chopped fruit of your choice (such as berries, bananas, and nectarines) 1 cup unsweetened almond milk Directions Combine the nuts and seeds in a bowl. Add the fruit, pour in the almond milk, and serve. From the book A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives by Kelly Brogan, MD...

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