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Seaweeds as Food and Medicine: An Interview with Ryan Drum, PhD

seaweed Ryan Drum PhD salt sodium iodine kelp isotopes radiation exposure farm nori carrageenan gastrointestinal chronic disease agar harvest

By Ed Bennett and Roberta Louis, PPNF Journal Editors Ryan Drum, PhD, holds a BSc in chemical technology and a PhD in botany (phycology) from Iowa State University. While a NATO scholar, he did postdoctoral studies on cell biology using the electron microscope and microcine at the University of Bonn and the University of Leeds. For 10 years, he taught botany and related subjects at several universities (UMass Amherst, UCLA, and WWU). He is the author of over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as the book Electron Microscopy of Diatom Cells (Springer Verlag, 1966). Dr....

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