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Recipe: Raw Ice Cream

raw ice cream pastured egg yolks raw milk vanilla extract raw honey arrowroot powder kefir whole milk yogurt recipe dessert food preparation Annie Dru

By Annie Dru, Certified Childbirth Educator [“From The PPNF Kitchen”] Ingredients: 1 pint raw cream 3 pastured egg yolks 1/2 cup raw milk 1 Tbs. vanilla extract (not imitation extract; can be done with chopped vanilla bean as well) 1/2 cup* raw (unheated) unfiltered honey 1/2 cup raw kefir or pastured whole milk yogurt 3 Tbs. arrowroot powder (optional) *or less, to taste Directions: Mix all ingredients together with a whisk or electric mixer on low speed, then proceed with your ice cream maker’s directions. About the Author Annie Dru attended the University of California, San Diego, and has...

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