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In the News, Winter 2017 - 18: Acetaminophen Use in Pregnancy Linked to Increased Risk of Language Delay Among Girls

pregnancy acetaminophen European Psychiatry language delay girls 30 months researchers gestation urinary concentration female analgesic antipyretic Swedish Environmental Longitudinal Mother Child Asthma Allergy Study Mount Sinai

A recent study published online in European Psychiatry links maternal use of acetaminophen during pregnancy with an elevated rate of language delay in girls at 30 months of age. The researchers found that girls whose mothers used acetaminophen more than six times in early pregnancy (defined as prior to study enrollment at 8 to 13 weeks of gestation) were almost six times more likely to experience language delay than those whose mothers did not take the drug. Higher urinary concentration of acetaminophen in the women at the time of enrollment was also positively associated with increased risk...

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