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In The News, Spring 2010: High Demand For Farmed Fish Depleting Wild Stocks

fish Rosamond L. Naylor Stanford University Proceedings National Academy of Sciences aquaculture farm wild-caught fish meal fish oil production heart-healthy vegetarian carp tilapia

[“In The News”] According to an international study led by Rosamond L. Naylor of Stanford University and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, half of the fish eaten by the end of 2009 will have come from an aquaculture farm, leading to an increase in demand for wild-caught fish for fish meal and fish oil to feed the farmed fish. The popularity of farmed fish is in part due to their lower cost of production, since their diet makes them grow faster than fish fed on a natural diet. Although the industry has gone to great lengths to reduce the amount of fishmeal used...

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