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Healing With Osteopathic Medicine: An Interview with Theresa A. Cyr, DO

osteopathy Ed Bennett Theresa Cyr autism diet Osteopathic Cranial disease Dr. Andrew Taylor musculoskeletal Still  Academy

By Ed Bennett Ed Bennett: What is osteopathic medicine and how do osteopathic physicians differ from conventional medical doctors? Dr. Theresa A. Cyr: Osteopathic medicine is a form of medical care that treats disease or dysfunction within the context of the entire body. In other words, it treats the whole person, not just specific symptoms or illnesses, and focuses on the promotion of health and wellness. Osteopathic physicians, or doctors of osteopathy (DOs), are trained in both allopathic and osteopathic medicine. Although all DOs are trained in osteopathic manipulation in medical school (...

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