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Genetically Modified Maize and Reproduction Rates in Mice

maize mice conventional genetically-modified reproductive effect statistically different negative NK603 x MON810 offspring pup weight size Austrian Agency Health Food Safety Vienna Dr. Jurgen Zentek

From Organic Consumers Association [Health Vectors] A study has been done in Austria in which mice were fed either conventional maize or genetically-modified (GM) maize. The reproductive effects on the two groups of mice showed “statistically significant” negative effects in the GM maize-fed mice. Researchers found that more of the mice fed on the Monsanto GM maize known as NK603 x MON810 had no litters or produced fewer offspring after the third or fourth litters. It was also noted that the average litter size and weight were better in the non-GM maize mice, as was the number of weaned pups...

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