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Fermented Winter Fruit Chutney

fruit chutney Annie Dru topping homemade recipe traditional food fermented pomegranate Asian pear cranberries ginger figs jalapeno dried fruit

By Annie Dru, CCE One of my favorite ways to enjoy winter fruits is in the delightfully effervescent, slightly sour form of a lacto-fermented chutney. You can get as fancy as your imagination dictates by choosing complementary ingredients from a rich and colorful palette of fruits, nuts, and aromatics. Use this recipe as a template, and let your senses guide your masterpiece! Seed a pomegranate; quarter a bag of fresh cranberries; dice an Asian pear, a persimmon, and a handful of figs; mince a large jalapeño and a couple of handfuls of dried fruit (I use candied ginger and dried cranberries...

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