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Detoxing for Health: An Interview with David J. Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

detoxification David Getoff mercury homeopathic lymhpatic kidney liver heavy metal inflammation chronic disease dietary lifestyle cilantro garlic Vitamin C symptom nausea fatigue

Mark Bielsky: In this interview, we’ll be talking about detoxification, an important topic that is often greatly misunderstood. We know that toxic substances are all around us, but, in your experience, which are the most common sources that impact people’s health? David J. Getoff: It seems to vary depending on where the person lives and what their lifestyle is. For the majority of people, I would say the most common toxins are those in their home and work environments.* That includes the chlorine or ammonia cleansers they use to clean the kitchen and bathroom. It includes the formaldehyde...

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