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Braised Turkey Drumsticks with Sage and Dates

Braised Turkey Drumstick Sage Dates Roasted Bone Marrow Honey Butter Coconut Cream Fudge

By Annie Dru, CCE A holiday standard that shines well into the New Year, braised turkey drumsticks are warm and welcoming. The addition of sage and dates makes this dish just a little more special. A quick reduction gravy whipped up in the last five minutes will amply reward your patience. Ingredients 2-3 turkey drumsticks 6 garlic cloves Handful of fresh sage leaves 6 large dates, chopped Celtic salt, to taste Pepper, to taste Splash of bourbon 2 cups poultry stock 2 tablespoons crème fraîche Directions Mince garlic and sage (reserving some whole leaves), combine with salt and pepper, and...

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