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Book Review: Dr. Newbold's Type A Type B Weight Loss Book

Dr. Newbold Type A Type B Weight Loss nutrients meat fish raw fruits vegetables Dr. Weston A. Price Dr. Melvin Page Vilhjalmur Stefanson Linda Clark anthropological

BOOK REVIEW By H.L. Newbold, MD Dr. Newbold's Type A Type B Weight Loss Book by H.L Newbold, MD Reviewed by Marion Patricia Connolly, Executive Director of PPNF Dr. Newbold has given us a new book with amplification of the theme of his previous books: VITAMIN C AGAINST CANCER. DR. NEWBOLD'S REVOLUTIONARY NEW DISCOVERIES ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS, MEGA-NUTRIENTS FOR YOUR NERVES, etc., "that man is best adapted to a diet of meat, fish, raw fruits anc vegetables." If this theme seems familiar to you, it may be because you have heard it from Dr. Weston Price, Dr. Melvin Page, Vilhjalmur Stefanson, Linda...

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