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Allergies: Are They All in Your Head? PPNF Asks Gray Graham, BA, NTP About Allergy Misconceptions

Gray Graham allergies hypoadrenia hypochlorhydria nausea bloating enzyme neuro-limbic adrenal digestion nutritional deficiency metabolic grain dairy soy cow milk immune system

By Sadiqua Hamdan, MA [“From The Health Professional”] Allergies gone wild Are you one of the many allergy sufferers who feel cursed? Do you believe taking the latest drug is the only way to get through a day without a runny nose, constant sneezing and a glazed look on your face? Medicating yourself to feel better is like putting a band-aid on a cracked window. It’s a short-term pseudo-fix that doesn’t address the underlying issue. The focus should be on treating the cause, not alleviating symptoms. Humans and animals are wired to quickly know, through taste and smell, which foods are good or...

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