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When Is Enough, Enough?

sweetener juice date syrup grape juice sugar sorbitol glucose fructose blood insulin metabolism ethanol hypoglycemic fruit allergies depression dizzyness tachycardia insomnia
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Sweeteners Part 1

soil atmosphere temperate vegetation minerals sustainable micro-organisms malnutrition water precipitation tree acidic rain oxidation glaciation volcanism industrialization
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Soil, Atmosphere, and Worldwide Food Crisis

raw food uncooked human health plant growth fertilization soil nutrients denatured food dental caries alopecia obesity visual decreptitude
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Can Uncooked Food Improve Health And Plant Productivity?

San Diego science nutrition health thiamine B1 Dr. Price research Mary Waschewsky Vitamin C leukocytes
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Science Fair

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Solar Now: Why Wait?

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Raw Liver: A Superior Source of Vital Nutrients



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