Mental Health

Mental Health

How food, nutrients and environment impact emotional, psychological and social well-being

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anxiety inflammatory neurotransmitters diet nutrition Zachary Taylor Kelly Brogan
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Anxiety: Inflammatory Origins and Natural Treatments

The Brain and Nutrition
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Treating Mental and Behavioral Disorders with Nutrient Therapy

mental emotional healing Dr. Ron Schmid chronic medical health disease heal recovery challenges Dr. Weston A. Price Carl Jung
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Mental & Emotional Aspects of Healing

Alzheimer neurodegenerative disease aging diabetes insulin-resistance cognitive function Bruce Fife, ND lyme disease diet neurotoxin brain Vitamin D
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Stop Alzheimer's Now

alzheimer's diabetes brain stroke kidney failure heart disease insulin resistance bloog glucose sugar dietary changes exercise weight loss low-carbohydrate
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Alzheimer's: The New Diabetes?

rates death chronic health issues optimistic pessimistic live longer healthier lives heart disease high blood pressure diabetes smoke cigarettes
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Study Finds Optimists Live Longer and Healthier


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