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water filter storing food first aid kit disaster mineral purification hurricane earthquake spring water iodine chlorine antibacterial colloidal silver freezing preservatives enzymes BPA-free freeze-drying non-GMO berries dehydrated meat antioxidant
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Preparing for a Natural Disaster

Louis Pasteur disease germ theory medicine terrain diet medical-industrial Antoine Bechamp pleomorphism
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The Curse of Louis Pasteur: Why Medicine Is Not Healing a Diseased World

health food store david getoff bread cereal crackers sweeteners produce beef lamb poultry eggs seafood cheese yogurt salad drinking water canola soy corn tofu MSG vegetable oil canned food
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What You Should Know When Shopping in a Health Food Store

sweetener American Dietetic Association nutrition sugar consumption carbohydrate refined natural sucrose weight loss aspartame brain seratonin
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Book Review: The Sweetener Trap & How To Avoid It

Trick and Treat Barry Groves USDA guidelines soy salt high fat Dr. Weston A. Price Dr. Marion Pottenger, Jr. MD nutrition holistic disease
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Book Review: Trick And Treat: How Healthy Eating Is Making Us Ill

sports drink ban California high school sales public Arnold Schwarzenegger childhood obesity weight gain electrolyte replacement legislation athletes ban teenagers sugar-sweetened beverage
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Sports Drink Ban Proposed in California High Schools


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